Review/Comments about Dissonance and Consonance

Dissonance and Consonance book cover


There is an earnest search for meaning in Roy Johnston's reflections. Innocent without being naive, these convey a heartfelt desire to move that is the mark of a committed poet, while their use of interval and sensitivity to pitch reveal a skilled musician within.

Gavin O'Toole, author of Che In Verse

Truman Capote once used the phrase "doing a geographic" to describe his imaginary trips around the world, accomplished with nothing more than imagination and wanderlust. Roy K. Johnston achieves the same thing with his new book of poems - a journey of words and images that transports us from childhood wonder to the things that matter most to him: poetry, music, nature, America today. It's the work of a poet's poet - challenging and reflective.

Kim Powers, author of Capote in Kansas: A Ghost Story and The History of Swimming

Roy K. Johnston’s poems are meditations—on music, poetry, war, peace and the natural world—that combine deep observation. Dissonance & Consonance displays Johnston’s poetic precision and deft use of language. It is an outstanding collection.

Leah Maines, Author of Beyond the River


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