R.K. JohnsonR. K. Johnston is an international poet recognized in the field of cultural integration, creativity, and the unity of knowledge. His poetry is infused with the music and rhythm of a career classical and jazz performer. Recently he has been a featured reader in Croatia; Portugal; Madhopur, India; Kingston, Jamaica; and Portland and Eugene, Oregon.



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Coming in 2015, a biography: 
Roy K. Johnston: A Life in Sound, Color and Word
- by H. W. Smith

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Johnston will read his poetry at the City Hall Art Gallery, Springfield, OR and during the Springfield Poetry/Art Walk at 5:30 pm on February 13, 2015.

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Video: "Leadership"

Video: "Tango"

Video: "Where I Find You"


Featured Books

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Steps In Life - 2014

If verse reflects a sense of the poet’s being, it can echo a sense of place as well. That is the case here, for “Steps in Life” indeed bounces back to readers the long and winding path Roy Johnston has taken to reach the place where he resides today: the bucolic state of Oregon, out here near the nation’s upper left edge.

- David R. Newman, Writer

Selected Poems from Steps In Life

Roy K. Johnston is a 21st century renaissance man whose intellectual curiosity takes him on a wandering journey through many disciplines and experiences, where asking questions and observing cultures, circles him back to a sense of the universe and the present.

-  Jerry Smith, Poet
San Luis Obispo, CA


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